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Address: Bulgaria
st. “Progres” 1
Phone: (00359) (03071) 2074

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Belotex - 95 JSC

is specialized in the production of grey cotton and cotton type fabrics and articles of them. The Company is with headquarters in the town of Zlatograd, region of Smolyan, and in its business it follows the traditions in the weaving production in the town laid as early as in 1968. After the conduct of the privatization in 1996 the Company became fully private property without any state participation.
Today Belotex-95 JSC is on the list of the main manufacturers and exporters of raw textile for the country. The monthly production amounts to about 1 000 000 lin. m. and an average consumption of about 350 tons of cotton. 70 % of the total manufactured production is export-orientated, predominantly for Italy and Germany. Small quantities are realized on the markets of raw cotton textile in Serbia and Macedonia. In 2004 for the first time the Company exported a significant volume of production for Turkey – over 1 million linear meters for the last quarter of the year.
At the end of 2004 and in 2005 investments were realized amounting to 1 175 000 EUR for the purchase of new looms SULZER Project 7100 Ð’ 360 with harness devices (Staubli) which provide for bigger assortment possibilities as compared with the existing equipment.
The great diversification of the offered fabrics, the high quality of the production and the uprightness with regard to the time and the terms of delivery are the main priorities in the production and sale policy of the company.
In 2001 the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry classified the Company per net income from sales in the top list of the first 100 trading companies in Bulgaria and in 2004 the Company obtained nomination for quality of manufactured and realized for export production from the European Center of quality in Brussels.
In view of the enhancement of the competitiveness of the production and optimization of the production process, in 2004 the quality management system ISO 9001:2000 was developed and introduced which certifies for the efforts made in the direction of satisfaction of the more and more increased requirements of the international markets in the conditions of intense competitive environment.
In search of new business contacts from the country and abroad, the Company relies on the expansion of its commercial activities through its representation office in Sofia. Hoping to enrich and diversify its market structure, Belotex-95 JSC announces its readiness for mutual cooperation with new business partners from all over the world.
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